Hello & Welcome to my website

Hello, I’ve made this website to show all the information that I have gathered from our cultur in Tahiti.

The Toere pehe might be different that you might have known in other courses or tutorials given by teachers.
The reason is that I am trying to make tutorials of what I have learnt so far with my own experiences.

But anyway, this is a personal website with free content in order to share my research of theses Tahitian instruments.

Heimana Webmaster of Polynesian-art.com
Hello, my name is Heimana, I was born in Tahiti and live there for more than 30 years now.I like to play music and take pictures as a hobby.I enjoy a lot watching japanese animé on internet (mangas).My big passion is computers.This website is a result of my self-tought learning of video and music softwares.

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