1st Verse :
There’s a place I go to [E Dbm]
Where no one knows me [Dbm Abm]
It’s not lonely  [Abm]
It’s a necessary thing [Abm E]
It’s a place I made up [E Dbm]
Find out what I’m made of [Dbm Abm]
The nights are stayed up [Abm]
Counting stars and fighting sleep [Abm E]
Pre-Chorus :
Let it wash over me [E Gbm]
Ready to lose my feet [Gbm Abm]
Take me on to the place where one reviews life’s mistery [Abm A E]
Steady on down the line [E Gbm]
Lose every sense of time [Gbm Abm]
Take it all in and wake up that small part of me [Abm A]
Day to day I’m blind to see, and find how far, to go [E] 
Chorus : 
Everybody got their reason [E Dbm]
Everybody got their way [Dbm Abm]
We’re just catching and releasing [Abm A]
What builds up throughout the day [A E]
It gets into your body [E Dbm]
And it flows right through your blood [Dbm Abm]
We can tell each other secrets [Abm A]
And remember how to love [A E]
2nd Verse :
There’s a place I’m going [E Dbm]
No one knows me [Dbm Abm]
If I breath real slowly [Abm]
Let it out and let it in [Abm E]
It can be terrifying [E Dbm]
To be slowly dying [Dbm Abm]
Also clarifying [Abm]
We end where we begin [Abm E]
Pre-Chorus x 1
Chorus x 1